James Allan Birnie


Born 1916 at Botriphnie, Banffshire.

Address Station House, Lossie.

Parents A R Birnie, Stationmaster, and Mary Helen Lamb

Married No.

Occupation Civilian employed by Air Ministry.

Where died HM Cruiser Hermione, torpedoed 25 Mar 1941 in East Med.

Other Father informed in July 1942 son missing, presumed killed.

Alexander Campbell

Seaman RNR P/X 20994A

Bye-name Nicky.

Born 1918.

Address Seafield, Union Street, Lossie.

Parents John Campbell and Mary Slater.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Covesea.

Where diedHMS Cape Howe, 4443t, on 21 June 1940, torpedoed off the South-West Approaches. Thirteen men survived on a raft, picked up on 27th June 150 miles off Ushant.

Mervyn Cordiner

Able Seaman RNR D/JX 344751

Born 1924

Address 52, Queen St, Lossie.

Parents John J Cordiner and Mary Wilson.

Married No.

Occupation 4th year apprentice painter with A Stewart, Argyle Street.

Where died HMS Maharatta 25 Feb 1944. Sunk by U956 in Barents Sea,escorting a convoy to Russia, 17 survivors.

Benjamin Crockett

Seaman RNR TP/X 19660A

Bye-name Benjie.

Born 1919.

Address 19, Queen Street, Lossie.

Parents Edward Crockett and Margaret Ann Stewart.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Kia-Ora.

Where died HMS Blackburn Rovers, on 2 June 1940, at Dunkirk. She was sunk, the crew got away in a small boat, but were killed by an exploding depth-charge.

George Crockett

Engineman RNR LT/X 2002ES

Bye-name Doddie.

Born 1916.

Address 62 Dunbar Street.

Parents Wm Crockett and Elizabeth Stewart (Leeb).

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Verbena.

Where died HMT River Clyde, 5 August 1940, by a mine off Aldeburgh.

Andrew Flett

Chief Skipper RNR

Bye-name Andra.

Born 1898.

Address Glenelg, Queen St.

Parents John Flett and Mary MacIntosh.

Married to Isabella Murray.

Children Ian, Joseph, Alec, and Isobel.

Occupation Fisherman, Skipper of the Plough.

Where died On the armed troop-carrier Lisbon Maru, with 2000 Japanese troops, crossing from HK to Japan when she was hit 100 miles off Ningpo, Shanghai, by the US submarine Grouper on 2 Oct 1942. The troops were taken off by a destroyer, but the prisoners were kept confined in the hold even afterthe ship settled on a sandbank, so that approx 846 were lost. A few escaped, and about 970 continued as POW.

Other Taken prisoner at the fall of Hong Kong, on boom defence.

Douglas H Sim

L Tel D/JX 18646

Bye-name Dougie

Born 1921.

Address Elgin House, King Street, Lossie.

Parents Robert J Sim, Postmaster, and xxxxxxxx yyyyy

Married to Margaret Maclaren.

Children Derrick

Occupation Post Office.

Where died Died of TB after the war, in Liverpool, in 1946.

Joseph Smith

Stoker RNPS LT/KX 104790

Bye-name Joe.

Born 1920.

Address Glencairn, Kimberley Street, Lossie and 13 Union St.

Parents Raised by his Aunt and Uncle, Margaret Ann Smith and William Stewart, after the death of his Father.

Occupation Fisherman on the Ray of Hope.

Where died Off Harwich onboard HMT Fleming, 24 July 1940.

Alexander Souter

Seaman RN Patrol Service LT/JX 280042

Bye-name Nunca.

Born 1921.

Address 32, Kinneddar Street.

Parents George Souter and Elsie Campbell.

Married? No

Occupation Fisherman, cook on the Planet.

Where died HMT Tervani, 7 Feb 1943, sailed from Algiers did not return.

James Souter

Leading Seaman RNR LT/X 9371B

Bye-name Soupies.

Born 1911.

Address King Street, Lossie.

Parents George Souter (Soupies) and Elizabeth Smith, 2 Seatown.

Married to Catherine Ralph, 27 King Street.

Children Betty and William.

Occupation Fisherman on the Gracie.

Where died HMT Myrtle, hoisting a magnetic mine onboard from their sweep in Thames Estuary on 14 June 1940 when it exploded.

J Souter


Where died

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle.

Alexander Stewart

Seaman, RNPS LT/JX 241906

Bye-name Alec.

Born 1906.

Address 82, Menzies Road Torry, Aberdeen.

Parents John Stewart and Isabella Farquhar 7, Grampian Road Torry, Aberdeen.

Married To Ann McLeod Smith, 20, High Street, Lossie.

Children Ian.

Occupation Line Fisherman.

Where died HMT Uberty, 7 May 1941, bombed on way back from patrol off Lowestoft.

Other Brother of Joseph Stewart, RN, nephew of James Stewart MN.

A. Stewart

Seaman RNR

Bye-name Possibly a repeat of A Stewart RNPS who was also RNR.


George Stewart



Born 24 Sept 1900.

Address 49, Seatown, Lossie.

Parents George Stewart and Christina(Teenie) Stewart, 27, Seatown.

Married to Jessie(Janet) Imlach, Buckie.

Children Twins, Janet and Christina.

Occupation Skipper of the Daisy.

Where died HMS Europa (shore base) Lowestoft 12 May 1943.

George Stewart

2nd Hand LT/JX 167014 RNPS

Bye-name Geordie Pencils.

Born 1913.

Address 23, Union St, Lossie Possibly Aberdeen

Parents William Stewart(Maisie) and Catherine Stewart.

Married No

Children No

Occupation Line fisherman in Aberdeen.

Where died HMT Burke, Dover 19 August 1940 Shot by German aircraft while playing football at Dover Castle.

George Stewart



Born 1915.

Address Shamrock House, Brander Street, Lossie.

Parents George Stewart (Dogger) and Jane Crockett.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Reaper.

Where died HMT Recoil, at sea, 28 Sept 1940, buried Parkstone Cemetery, Poole.


George Stewart





Where died

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle


James Stewart

Seaman RNR LT/X 9385

Bye-name Jimmie Robbie.

Born 1911.

Address 33, Seatown.

Parents Robert Stewart and Mary Stewart.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Salvia.

Where died HMS Firefly 3 Feb 1940 aged 28, hoisting a mine aboard, when a destroyer passed at speed.


John Stewart

Acting Leading Aircraftman (Ty) RN FAA/FX 7310

Bye-name Johnnie.

Born 1920.

Address 11, Union Street.

Parents James Stewart and Elizabeth (Betsy) Thain.

Married No.

Occupation Chemist's Assistant with J Murray, Queen St, Lossie.

Where died HMS Victorious, aircraft carrier 12 August 1942. Ship survived the war to be scrapped at Faslane '69.

Other He had survived when the Ark Royal was torpedoed in 1940.


John Stewart

Ordinary Seaman C/JX 408 971

Bye-name Johnny.

Born 1925.

Address 12, Union St Lossie.

Parents John Stewart and Annie McLeod.

Married No.

Occupation Construction work at the aerodrome.

Where died HMMTB 621, 25 Feb 1944, off Yarmouth.

Other After a battle, accidentally killed when another Allied ship (?US) discharged a gun during cleaning.

Joseph Stewart

Skipper RNR

Bye-name Skipper.

Born 1914.

Address 195, Victoria Road Torry, Aberdeen.

Parents John Stewart and Isabella Farquhar, Aberdeen and 20,Union Street, Lossie.

Married to Nellie Stewart, 30 Union St, Lossie.

Children Joseph.

Occupation Line Fisherman.

Where died HMS Kindred Star, 9 April 1944. Died in Portland Naval Hospital following a road accident.

Other Brother of Alexander Stewart RN, nephew of Jas Stewart MN.


William Stewart

Able Seaman RNR PX/67593

Bye-name Bochel.

Born 1904.

Address 4, Union Street, Lossie.

Parents George Stewart (died 8 June 1941) and Jessie Scott

39, Commerce Street.

Married to Elspeth McLeod (Cloudie).

Occupation Fisherman on the Daisy.
Where died HMS Fiji, an 8000t cruiser, sunk by German and Italian bombs off the island of Antikithera, Crete during the evacuation, on 23 May 1941. A total of 231 men were lost, but 534 picked up by destroyers Kandahar and Kingston.

Other His sister Anna Bella was killed when the SS Athenia was torpedoed, 3 Sept 1939.





Alexander Cormack Christie,

Chief Electrician

Bye-name Sandy.

Born 1914.

Address Dunearn, James St, Lossie.

Parents William Christie, Builder, and Barbara Cormack.

Occupation Electrician at the Electricity Station Lossie.

Where died MV Melbourne Star, 12000t, on 2 April 1943. Torpedoed 600m SE of Bermuda, 4 survivors. 31 passengers and 82 crew lost

Other Brother of Robert G M Christie, RAF.

Donald Gee Fletcher

Radio Operator

Bye-name Donnie.

Born 1921.

Address Baptist Manse, King Street, Lossie.

Parents Donald Fletcher, Baptist Minister and Ellen Gee.

Occupation MN.

Where died SS Empire Purcel, a 7040t steamship, bombed 27 May 1942, on trip from Middlesborough to N Russia via Reykjavik.

William Flett

3rd Electrician

Bye-name Willie.

Born 1919.

Address 21, Union Street, Lossie.

Parents Alexander Reid Flett and Jessie Stewart.

Occupation Plumber and electrician with Morrison, Lossie.

Where died SS Orama, a 19840t steamship on 8 June 1940. Sunk by gunfire from the cruiser Admiral Hipper, evacuating troops from Norway. 280 men were saved, with nineteen men lost.

John Gault

Second Hand

Born 1894.

Address 7 Grampian Road,Torry, Aberdeen.

Parents William Gault and Jane Ann Smith, Granville, James Street.

Married to Isabella Flett.

Children William and Mary.

Occupation Line Fisherman.

Where died FV Kinclaven, (A 17) Aberdeen steam trawler of 178t, lost with all ten of the crew off the Faroes ca 27th March 1941.

John Main

Ordinary Seaman

Bye-name Diddy.

Born 1903.

Address 7, Abbey Place, Torry, Aberdeen.

Parents William Main and Jane Stewart, 44 Commerce Street

Married to Nellie King.

Children John and Marlene.

Occupation Line Fisherman.

Where died FV Nisus, A 318 a trawler on 15 March 1941, in Faroese waters.

William McLeod


Bye-name Willie.

Born 1908

Address 72, Queen St, Lossie.

Parents James McLeod (Fiddler) and Margaret (Maisie) McKenzie.

Married to the then late Isobel Main

Children William

Occupation Fisherman on the Atalanta

Where died Accidentally drowned at Lyness, Orkney

Other Buried at Lyness Naval Cemetery

Alexander Souter

Able Seaman

Bye-name Sye Potts.

Born 1924.

Address 13C, High Street Lossie.

Parents Alexander Souter and Annie Stewart, 13C High Street.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Freda May.

Where died SS Empire Gilbert, 6640t on 2 Nov 1942, Iceland, between Spitzbergen and Jan Mayen Island in a convoy from the Tyne to Archangel.

Other Three survivors were taken POW by the U-boat after 3 hrs in the water.

James Stewart


Bye-name Jamie Stiff.

Born 1896.

Address Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen

Parents Alexander Stewart and Catherine McKenzie

Married to Elspeth Stewart (Loll)

Children Katherine and William

Occupation Line fisherman.

Where died FV Fern Bank, a steam trawler, bombed on 17 Nov 1941 12m NW of Myggenaes Light, Faroes. He survived but was machine-gunned in the lifeboat and died later. In the attack 4 men died. Uncle of Alexander and Joseph Stewart RN and of William Stewart MN.

John Stewart


Bye-name Paper John. (A corruption of Potato Jones, a popular blockade-runner during the Spanish Civil War.)

Born 1923.

Address Dalmeny, High Street, Lossie.

Parents John Stewart (Mysie) and Catherine C Murray.

Married No.

Occupation Fisherman on the Lydia Ann.

Where died SS Empire Gilbert, 2 November 1942, see A Souter above.

Other Three survivors were taken POW by the U-boat.

J Stewart

AB No entry in the Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh.





James A Allan

Pte 2817381 Territorial Army

Bye-name Jimmy.

Born 1914-1916.

Address 49, Church Streeet.

Parents James Allan and Edith Alexander.

Married? Yes.

Children Johnny Allan, Vancouver, BC

Occupation Plasterer with Johnny Wilson, Father of James Wilson, REME.

Where died France 21 May 1940. Possibly at St Valery.

Other His Mother was killed in the Church Street air crash on 20th May 1945, along with his adopted sister Vera.

Buried in Bus House Cemetery, Near Ypres, Belgium.

Hendry Andrews

Pte 2820182 Territorial Army


Born 1918.

Address 1, Dee Street, Lossie.

Parents James Andrews and Louisa Whyte.

Married No

Occupation Farm servant at Midtown Findrassie, then construction work at the aerodrome.

Where died France, on or after 24 May 1940, possibly at Dunkirk.

Other Buried in Bus House Cemetery, Near Ypres, Belgium.

Andrew Robertson Christie

Pte 2822367 Territorial Army

Born 1922.

Address 41, Clifton Road.

Parents Andrew Christie and Jessie Scott.

Married No.

Where died Madagascar, 5-7 May 1942, when the Seaforths were part of a force taking the Island from the Vichy French. 17 Seaforths were killed.

Other Buried in Diego Suarez War Cemetery.

Robert Ferguson Henderson

Sergeant 2813279 Territorial Army

Address 4, Allan Lane Lossie.

Married to Elizabeth (Bessie) Stewart.

Children Jean, Stewart (Sonny), and Robert.

Occupation Estate worker with Pitgaveny Estates.

Where died In the battle for Dunkirk on or after 12 June 1940.

Other Buried at Bailleul.

Arthur J M Jenkins

Pte 2821470 Territorial Army

Born 1917.

Address 1, Rose Lane.

Parents Wm Jenkins and Elizabeth McRae.

Married No.

Occupation Plasterer with John Wilson, King St.

Where died At Sea, near Sicily, 10-12 July 1945.

James Donaldson Matthews

Pte 2820501 5th Batallion Territorial Army

Bye-name Jackie.

Born 7 June 1920.

Address 39, Church St, Lossie.

Parents Mary Matthews.

Married to Isobel ?????

Occupation Labourer.

Where died Western Europe, 18 Nov 1944, near Arnhem in Holland.

William Rosie

Pte 2818152 2nd Btn Seaforths. Territorial Army

Bye-name Bill.

Born in Orkney Islands.

Address Coral Peel, Inchbroom Road, Lossie.

Parents James Russell Rosie and Elizabeth Jane XXX.

Where died 11 or 12 June 1940, St Valery, France.


John Stewart

Lance Corporal Territorial Army

Bye-name Johnny Bunnack.

Born 29 December, 1918.

Address 6, Seatown Lossie.

Parents William Stewart and Jane Souter.

Married to Jessie Hay.

Children William.

Occupation Plasterer.

Where died France, 10 June 1940. Posted missing from then until 1943.

Other Buried in Artes village Cemetery, Near Dieppe.



John A Cameron

Pte 5th Batallion KOSB 14717769

Bye-name Jocky.

Born 1928.

Address 39 Church St Lossie.

Parents John Cameron and Mary Mathews.

Married No.

Occupation Labourer.

Where died W Europe, 2 April 1945, aged 17.

Other Lied about his age to enlist.

Half-brother of J Matthews, Seaforths.

George Stewart Cordiner

Driver RASC 1069060

Bye-name Dod.

Born 1903.

Address Bay View, Clifton Road Lossie.

Parents Robert Cordiner and Margaret Mitchell, 15 Victoria Street.

Married to Jean Anderson.

Children Bertie, Jean, Margaret, John, George and Reggie.

Occupation Fish Merchant.

Where died Woking, Surrey on 27 Jan 1942.

G Cormack

Sapper SAE




Where died


John S Coull

Senior Fireman, Canadian Fire Services.

Bye-name Johnnie.

Born 1907

Address 48, Seatown, Lossie.

Parents James Coull and Maggie Jane Stewart.

Married to Enna Tongeson, Muskoga Apartments, Winnipeg, Canada

Children One daughter, Joyce.

Occupation Fireman.

Where died Enemy action at Wimbledon, London, 3 July 1944.

Other A fireman, returned from Canada at outbreak of war. Two of his cousins also died, Jack Long and John C Cowie, RAF.

James G Dean

Gunner Royal Artillery 934334


Born 1919.


Parents Robert and Mary Dean.

Married to Gladys Laing.

Occupation Labourer at the Aerodrome.

Where died North Africa 21 April 1943.

Alexander Grant Gilbert DCM

Captain Kings African Rifle Corps




Parents Youngest son of Wm and Elspet Gilbert, Rowan Brae, Stotfield.




Where died Military Hospital, Nairobi in May 1944.

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle.

William C Grant

Sapper Dock Operating Company

Bye-name Rhuie.

Born 10 Dec 1913

Address 17, Quarry Court Lossie.

Parents William Grant and Maggie Reid.

Married No.

Occupation Farmworker, then unloading cargo boats at Lossie Harbour.

Where died At Sea, missing, believed drowned, 17 June 1943.

John Long


Bye-name Jack.

Born 1919.

Address New Zealand.

Parents David Long, Nairn and Christine(Teenie) Campbell.

Married? No.

Occupation Possibly an electrician.

Where died Rear-gunner in a Wellington, returned from being an instructor for a raid on which his plane was shot down.

Other Not in NZ records, nor in RAF at Edinburgh Castle.

David W Low

Lieutenant, 1st Batallion, Manchester Regiment


Address Braeriach, James St, Lossie.

Parents Jimmy Low, Net Manufacturer, and May Sinclair

Married To Jos Waldeck of Mayfield Ave Finchley, London. ?child.

Occupation Student, probably joined up straight from Gordonstoun.

Where died Malaya, 18 Feb 1942. Died of wounds.

Other POW?

John Stewart McLeod

Lance Corporal 2325601 RC Sigs


Born 1920.

Address Seatown

Parents Alexander McLeod (Fee) and Jean Stewart.


Occupation Regular soldier from age of 16.

Where died 29 Nov 1944, in Thailand, in air raid. Captured at Singapore.

Robert Bruce Mearns

Sergeant 57446 RASC

Bye-name Robbie.

Born 1914.

Address 19 Pitgaveny St, Lossie.

Parents William Mearns and Jessie Dawson.

Married Yes.

Children No.

Occupation Shop assistant in Carries, Queen St, Lossie.

Where died France, on 19 May 1940. aged 26.

Charles Mitchell

Pte 2824895 Black Watch

Bye-name Charlie.

Born 1915.

Address Woodbine Cottage, Stotfield, Lossie.

Parents Charles Mitchell and Anabella Ross Mitchell.

Married to Catherine Mathieson, 10 Kinneddar Street.

Children Charles.

Occupation Greenkeeper, Moray Golf Club.

Where died Died of wounds in Italy 30 July 1944, aged 29.

Other Buried in Florence Military Cemetery.

William Reid

Craftsman REME

Bye-name Wilks.

Born 1910.

Address 9 Victoria Crescent Elgin.

Parents William Reid and Janet or Jessie Main 42 Seatown.

Married to Mary Watson, Elgin.

Children Lorna and Marion.

Occupation Plasterer with J Brodie, Elgin.

Where died Killed in action near Uden, Germany, 1 March 1945.

William Riddell

Driver RASC

Bye-name Willie.

Born 1914.

Address Macduff St, Lossie.

Parents Jimmie Riddell, Retired Policeman and Elizabeth Paul.

Married No.

Occupation Attendant at Moray Mental Hospital.

Where died 5 July 1940.

Other Died at 8, Church St Lossie " late of the RASC" ?TB

Robert Mowatt Stewart

Private RC of Signals 2328420

Bye-name Bobby.

Born 1921.

Parents Mr and Mrs Stewart (Beesh), Queens Lane, Lossie.

Married to Flora Munro Donaldson, 26 Elgin Road, Lossie.

Children Jean.

Occupation Regular soldier for 5 Years.

Where died In an accident at a firing range in England on 12 Feb 1943.

Other Brother of Wm C Stewart, RAF.

John Taylor

Pte RAMC 7354699

Born 1918.


Parents John A Taylor and Mary O Campbell, 12 St Gerardines Rd.

Married To Catherine Stewart, Dunbar Street.

Children No.

Occupation Joiner with Wm Ritchie.

Where died 21 July 1944, Normandy, France. Buried at Ranville, France.

Other Brother of Alex Taylor RAF.

George Imlah Wildegoose

Pte RAOC 14823721

Born 1926.

Address Newlands Farm, in the middle of the present airfield, later Inchbroom.

Parents William Milne Wildegoose and Isabella Herkless Anderson of The Cottage, Glenferness, Nairn.

Occupation Farm servant.

Where died Middle East, 21 Sept 1945.

James Law Wilson


Bye-name Hearts.

Born 1921.

Address 40, King Street, Lossie.

Parents John Wilson, Builder and May Smith.

Married No.

Occupation Science student at Aberdeen University.

Where died Died of TB at Bangour Military Hospital, UK 12 Dec 1943.

William J Youngson

Gunner Royal Artillery 2816490

Bye-name Willie.

Born 1911

Address 12 Church St, Lossie.

Parents David Youngson and Bella Edwards.

Married No.

Occupation Hairdresser.

Where died At Sea, ship torpedoed on 16 Mar 1942.

Other A gunner with the 3rd Maritime Regiment, attached to the Royal Scots, onboard a Defensively Equipped Merchantman (DEM) on his second trip, with a convoy in the Persian Gulf.

William R Younie

Corporal 2359716 RC Signals

Bye-name Bill.

Born 1907

Address Rose Cottage, 4 Elgin Road, Lossie.

Parents John Younie, Janitor and Isabella Ross, 4, Elgin Rd.

Married Yes.

Children A daughter.

Where died Normandy, France 7 June 1944, just after D Day.

Other Buried in Ryes British Military Cemetery, France.


Alexander Whyte Campbell

Sergeant W/O 545658


Born 9 July 1917.

Address 41, Argyle Street, Lossie.

Parents Elizabeth Whyte and Alexander Campbell.

Married to Christine Hunter of East Mains Farm, Lossie.

Children No.

Occupation Fisherman, later Bricklayer.

Where died Coastal Command, 24 Oct 1940.

Other Only married for three weeks, when his plane failed to return from a reconnaisance trip to Norway from Wick.

Lewis Duthie Campbell

Sergeant Obs 755497 RAFVR

Bye-name Lewie

Born 1920 in Buckie.

Address Claremont, Kimberley St, Lossie, but he lived mostly in Buckie with an Aunt.

Parents John Campbell and Helen Ann Duthie.

Married No.

Occupation Student?

Where died Plane crashed at Hayling Island on take-off leaving for Middle East, 27 Aug 1940. Five killed, the pilot survived.

Robert George Merson Christie

LAC 982397 RAFVR

Bye-name Bertie.

Born 1920.

Address Dunearn, James Street, Lossie.

Parents William Christie, Builder and Barbara Cormack.

Married No.

Occupation Bank Clerk.

Where died Far East, 9 June 1943, a prisoner-of-war in Java.

Other Brother of Alexander Christie MN.

John Campbell Cowie

Sergeant 1822254 RAFVR

Bye-name Johnny.

Born 1923.

Address 36, Great Western Road, Buckie.

Parents William Cowie, Buckie, and Jane Campbell.

Married to Jeannie Scott.

Children Joan.

Occupation Fisherman, cook on the Anner(BCK), then at Scapa Flow.

Where died Bomber Command, 22 Oct 1943 on a 1000 bomber raid over Kassels.

Other Cousin of Jack Long, RNZAF, and Alec W Campbell, RAF.

John Gray

Flight Sergeant 620057

Born 1918

Address Belonged to Glasgow.

Parents Alex. McCracken Gray, Shipwright, and Margaret McKenzie.

Married To Isabella Souter Stewart, 25 Dunbar Street, Lossie.

Children Duncan (McKenzie), Lynn and Alexander.

Occupation Engineer.

Where died Shot down over Essen, on 16, Dec 1943.


James Cameron Harthill

Flying Officer 139722 RAFVR

Bye-name Hamish.

Born 1917.

Address Dunvegan, Stotfield Road Lossie.

Parents James Harthill and Ishbel Cameron.

Married No.

Occupation Assistant Golf Professional with Moray Golf Club.

Where died Flying from North West Africa, 24 November 1943, on a raid, shot down over Genoa, where he was buried.

John Cameron Harthill

Flight Sergeant 931579 RAFVR

Bye-name Ian.

Born 1919.

Address Dunvegan, Stotfield Road Lossie.

Parents James Harthill and Ishbel Cameron.

Married No

Occupation Electrician with the Electric Station, Lossie.

Where died Bomber Command 24 Feb 1944, on a raid over Sweinfurt.

Buried at Bad Tolz.

James MacNicol Kellas

Flight Lieutenant 83369 RAFVR

Born 1903

Address Coulardbank Farm., Lossie.

Parents Hugh Kellas and Martha Montgomery MacNicol.

Married Yes.

Children one son.

Occupation Electrical Engineer with General Electric, installing electrical equipment on airfields.

Where died Accident on 3 Nov 1942, in England.

Other Graduated BSc Eng at Edinburgh University. On research work with Coastal Command when killed. Buried at Hexham, Northumberland.

Robert Brander L G Levack

Flight Lieutenant 128636 RAFVR

Born In Paris, 1921

Address Boulah Bembah, School Brae, and 22, Rue Pierre Curie, Paris.

Parents Robert B Levack and Therese Sophie Mirguet.

Married? No.

Where died East Asia Command, 16 May 1944, in Madras.

Robert Alexander Milne

Flying Officer 129931 RAFVR

Bye-name Robbie.

Born 1914.

Address High Street, Lossie.

Parents Robert Milne , Retired Police Sergeant, and Elizabeth Shiach.

Married Yes.

Children Two girls.

Occupation Worked in the Public Assistance Office, Elgin.

Where died Bomber Command 22 March 1944.

John Munro

Sergeant 638862 RAFVR

Bye-name Jackie.

Born 1919

Address 64, Dunbar St, Lossie.

Parents John Munro and Jane Main.

Married No.

Occupation Shop assistant in Carries, Queen St, Lossie.

Where died At Lania, Greece on 7 Dec 1940.

Ernest Reid

LAC 1370819

Born 1913

Address Brockweir, Argyle Street.

Parents Probably Aberdeenshire.

Married? Yes.

Occupation Insurance Agent with the Prudential.

Where died 21 Nov 1942, EAC. West Kirby.

James Robertson DFC

Flying Officer 155090 RAFVR

Bye-name Jim.

Born 1914.

Address 42, (now 56) Macduff Street Lossie.

Parents William Robertson and Helen Whyte.

Married to Agnes Stephen, 10 Forteath Street, Elgin.

Children one daughter, Moira.

Occupation Post Office Engineer.

Where died Bomber Command, 28 October 1944.

Other Awarded DFC after raid on Peenemunde in 1944, the development site for the V2 rockets. He was lead Navigator. Later killed in UK.

John Scott

Flight Sergeant

Bye-name Johnny.

Born 1920

Address 9 Kinneddar Street, Lossie.

Parents John Scott (Jock Dark) and Margaret McLeod.

Married No.

Occupation Hairdresser in Youngsons, then clerk in the BBC in Glasgow.

Where died Bomber Command, 30 Aug 43 missing over Germany.

John Scott

Sergeant 644319

Bye-name Speedie.

Born 1920.

Address 38B, Off Commerce Street, Lossie.

Parents John Scott and Jessie Slater (Jess Tam).

Married No.

Occupation Motor Mechanic with Adam Main.

Where died 6 December 1944.


J Stewart


Possibly a repeat of LAC John Stewart RN, who was "attached to the Fleet Air Arm", since LAC is not a Navy rank.

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle



Peter Stewart

Flight Sergeant W/Op Air Gunner 632138 RAFVR

Bye-name Patty or Patsy.

Born 1921.

Address 10 Union Street, Lossie.

Parents James Stewart and Catherine Stewart (Katie Loll).

Married No

Occupation Fisherman, cook on the Briar (which was sunk on 12 Oct 1942, run down by HMT George Cussins. All 6 crew saved.)

Where died Bomber Command, 16 Sept 1942, his Wellington bomber shot down and all crew killed.

Other Buried in Military Cemetery, Rhineberg, Near Dusseldorf

William Campbell Stewart

AC 1794046 RAFVR

Bye-name Willie.

Born 1925

Parents Mr and Mrs W Stewart, (Beesh), 51, Clifton Road.

Married No

Occupation Butcher with Hutchison, Clifton Road, Lossie.

Where died Died in an air-crash, South East Asia, 9 June 1945.

Other Brother of Robert Mowat Stewart, Royal Corps of Signals.

P Stuart








Where died

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle

Alexander Munro Taylor

Flight Sergeant 1561460 RAFVR

Bye-name Codger.

Born 1922

Address Clifton Road, later 12, St Gerardines Road.

Parents James A Taylor and Mary O Campbell.

Married No.

Occupation Fish Buyer at Lossie Fishmarket for Alexander of Glasgow.

Where died Bomber Command, 30 May 1943, in air operations over Belgium.

Other Buried in Belgium. Brother John, RAMC, also killed.

James Jenkins Taylor

Flight Sergeant 1377207

Bye-name Chatters.

Born 1913 in Lossie.

Address London.

Parents Eldest son of Mrs Summers, 47, Clifton Road, Lossie.

Married Gwen, lived in Shepherds Bush, London.

Children Hamish/Henry.

Occupation Painter with K M'Gillivray, then 8 years with McVitie and Price, in London.

Where died Killed over Germany, Mar 1944 with the Pathfinders. Buried in Germany with the rest of the crew

Other Not in Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle


Ronald West DFC and Bar

Flight Lieutenant 89405 RAFVR

Bye-name Ronnie.

Born 1918.

Address Chilcoot, Beach Brae, Lossie.

Parents David West, Artist, and Jessie Christie.

Married No.

Occupation Student. Joined RAF in 1939.

Where died Air Defence of Great Britain, 24 May 1944.

Other Fighter pilot, shot down several Junker 87's, DFC in 1942, also bar in 1942.


Wm Baird, Sgt, Recce Corps

from Renton, married to Edith Gillespie, of 40, Moray Street. Regular soldier for 18 years. Family - William, and Greta.

Philip M Beange, Sgt RASC 939385

died 6 Mar 1943 at Shipley, Yorkshire. Married to Helen Thomson, children Philip, Ellen and George. Lived at Coulardbank Cottages Lossie. He was born in Aberdeen, Nov 1901, was a baker with Austins of Elgin.

William Cordiner, Corporal, Motorcycle Rider, Austalian Army

born in Lossie and emigrated to Australia with his parents, William Cordiner and Annie Smith (Wokie) of Pitgaveny, Sydney. Married to Ellice XXX. Died 31 Oct 1945 in an accident. His Uncle was George Cordiner RASC.

George Hay, Pte Seaforths, 2824015

Died of wounds in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, on 5 Feb 1945, aged 28. A farm servant at Easter Covesea. Single. Parents Robert Hay and Helen Adam, 11 Moray Street, Lossie.

Alistair Lobban, L/Corporal RE 2927665

Died 27 June 1940. Married to Jeannie Mowatt, Queens Lane, later 42 Clifton Road, Lossie.

Ronnie MacKinnon

Died of wounds Sept 1944 aged 28. Husband of Jean Helen Smith, 33A Queen Street. His Father lived at 34 High Street, Elgin.

Sgt Robert Reid (Paddy) McLean, Sgt RAF

From Ireland, married to Betty Main, Argyle Street. Killed in an accident in the Middle East, 10 July 1941. Son Robert in Vancouver.

Alex "San" Mitchell, RN

HMT Wyoming, struck a mine off Harwich, 20 May 1944. Born 1905. Lived in Buckie after marriage to Mary Helen Pirie. Children - Edward, George-Alec and Margaret.

Also his brother,

John Mitchell, RNR

On HMT James Ludford, while lifting a mine off Shields, 14 December 1939. Born 1900 in Lossie, but lived in Buckie after marriage to Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) Pirie, sister of the above. Children - Elizabeth, twins William and George, and Maggie Jessie.

Their parents were William Mitchell and Elizabeth Edwards.

Trooper Wm Bill Porter

Died following an accident in Italy, on 15 Jan 1944. His parents lived at Little Drainie, just South of Drainie Kirk, Lossiemouth.

Cpl Edward Pirie, ACC

Aged 32, killed in action in Italy, Nov 1944. Husband of Nan Crockett, 1, Brander Street, daughter Elizabeth. He was son of Alex Pirie, Linkwood Distillery and Mother 11, Land Street, Rothes. Nan's parents were Wm Crockett and Martha Cooper Murison.

Alexander Slater Skipper

Cedar Villa, Stotfield Road. Sandy aged 37, wounded onboard HMT Rosedean by accidental discharge of a rifle by a soldier on deck, the bullet passing through the deck. Died on Hospital Ship Amapoora. Parents Alex Garden Slater, and xxxxxx, Roseneath, Stotfield Road, Lossie. Married to Helen (Nellie) Addison, children Mary, Nan and Dennis.

Captain Alexander Smith, MN

"Wheelies" aged 59, of 60, Queen Street. Drowned when the tanker Ben Haan was sunk, thought to have struck a mine off Islay. Married to Eliz Smith (Leeb Bo). Children Alec, Eleanor, and George (in Vancouver).

Geo Smith Leading Seaman RN

(Syke) 13, Union Street,and 37 Menzies Road, Torry, died in accident at Cardiff when working in the tiller room of his ship on 22 Oct 1942, aged 37. Married to Helen Reid, children, Nettie, Alec and William.

Jas Stewart, Master Mariner, USA

Killed in Guantanamo, Cuba, 8 Mar 1942 aged 52 after his tanker was attacked by a submarine. Because of his survival suit, it was not realised that he was bleeding to death. He emigrated to USA some years earlier. Parents, James Stewart and Jessie Mitchell, 16, Commerce St. Married to Mary 'Cole' Mitchell, with two daughters, Jessie Isobel, and Hazel. Lived at 108 Oak Street, New York.

William Stewart, Cook

on the FV United, on ferrying duties at Scapa Flow, died 24 Nov 1940. Born Lossie. Mentioned in Edinburgh Castle Memorial. Son of William Stewart and Maggie Farquhar, 22, Union St. His death in Lossie was not war-related.

Wm G Whyte, Driver

Died in Germany on 28 Sept 1941. Married to Margaret Grant, children, Margaret, Billy and Pat. She lived at 3, Ramsay Lane, Lossie with her sister Mrs Katie Watt, then moved to Bradford after the war. He was from Buckie.

George Wilson, Royal Marine Commandos

"Podge", 33, Elgin Road. Killed at the landing in Walcheren, Holland on 2 Nov 1943, aged 23. The Wilson family left Lossie around the beginning of the war, possibly to Elgin, then later to England. Both Wilsons were plasterers with Colin Menzies. Parents, William Wilson and Jessie FS McLeod.





Annie Bella Stewart, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Stewart (Stanies), 39 Commerce Street, Lossie, drowned when the SS Athenia, 13,581 tons, en route from Glasgow to Montreal, was torpedoed nine hours after war had been declared, 56 44'N 14 05'W. Of the 1418 passengers and crew, all but 112 were saved, mainly by the Norwegian freighter Knut Neilson and the Swedish yacht Southern Cross. Her brother William was killed 23 May 1941, and her Father died on 8 July 1941. She worked in the USA and was returning there after a holiday in Lossie.


Robert John Wilson, born 1906, son of Alexander Wilson and Margaret Alexander, brother of Sophie. He was working in Canada on railroad construction when the war started. He left his work to return to the Territorials and was never seen again. It is thought that he had managed to board a ship which was sunk in the Atlantic in late 1939.


Hugh Wood, formerly of 4 High Street, and his children John and Margaret, in the Clydebank Blitz in March 1941, his son Hugh surviving. His parents were William Wood, Boatbuilder and Jean Wood.


The two couples killed in the bombing on the night of 12th July 1941 all in 6 Dunbar Street.

Clarissa Leighton, 61, nee Redman,

Joseph Hartley Leighton 61, retired shipwright

Eliza Wilson, 68,

John Wilson, 61, cooper.

The Leightons had come to Lossie because they had a daughter whose husband was stationed at the Aerodrome, after their home in Portsmouth had been destroyed by bombs, and were lodging with the Wilsons, whose daughter was Mrs Helen Campbell, 4 James Street, Lossie, also Elizabeth, Hugh and William.


Those killed when a Wellington bomber crashed on their houses at 45 and 49 Church Street, (now 65 and 69) opposite the Cross, on the morning of Sunday 20th May 1945. The war in Europe ended on 8th May.

Mrs Johan (Joey) Flood (nee Phimister) 37,and her five sons,

Jackie 14, James 12, Sinclair 7, George 5, David 3.

(Mr John Flood and his only daughter Jeannie, 10, escaped through a window, having been in the kitchen making a cup of tea.)

Mrs Edith Allan 66, widow of James Allan, and her adopted daughter

Vera Drummond aged 19.

Mrs Allan's son James was killed on 21 May 1940 in the Seaforths.

She had another son, John, who survived the war.

Eight others in the two ground-floor flats in the block, including a baby a few weeks old, survived.


The three crew-members of the Wellington were also killed.

Pilot Officer RD Rickard of Manchester

Pilot Officer DR Cameron

Sergeant CGW Mawby of London.


A few months earlier, a bomber crashed near the Seatown, about 200 yards away, narrowly missing the houses. The crew of 5 perished but there were no civilian casualties.