About Lossiefowk

Lossie fowk have spread themselves far and wide across the world. It struck me that maybe some of those loons and quines, along with those who have never felt the urge to move too far from the town, would appreciate a website where they could perhaps find lost friends, keep in touch and, maybe more importantly, share past recollections of Lossie with fellow Lossie fowk both at home and abroad.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Donnie Stewart both for his encouragement and for the access to his Family Tree files and historical information. I'd also like to thank Jamie Saul for his interest in the site and for providing me with some pictures of Lossie in bygone days, some of which you've yet to see. Thank you also to Bill Smith for his work with 'Lossie Shops'. Last but not least my son Jamie deserves a big thank you for creating the site. Without his help it would not be up and running.

Any suggestions regarding this site would be gratefully accepted. Please let me know what you would like it to contain and I'll do my best to comply. I cannot accept responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage whatsoever from the use of any information in this site, or accessed through this site.

The rest, as they say, is up to you.